Caprovis Hunt of Serkan Mert ,Hunting and guiding has been a family tradition spanning many generations.From a very young age I had deep love for the outdoors, wildlife and the mountains of Asia.I‘ve hunted and guided extensively throughout many countries for a wide range of mountain species. I have very good hunting experience all in Asia over 20 years and held the coveted position of head guide.Throughout my travels I have gained much knowledge on regions and habitats of some of the most sought after game species.Ibex and wild sheep are species I specialize in.Some of the countries we operate in are Turkey,Mongolia,Pakistan, Azerbaijan,Iran,Tadjikistan and we have built strong relationships over the years with both goverment departments and wildlife agencies.Having a large network of connections has enabled us to operate in some of the most unique hunting destinations of the World.I have been involved in the harvesting by clients of mutiple World Records of various species, however I do place an amphisis on tailoring each hunt to every individual needs. Records are important to some, but I feel a complete hunting experience is my priority to insure each and every client has a hunt of a lifetime. Please contact me for all enquires concerning my hunts I invite you to come and enjoy the finest hunts in the world with us in Asia. Good Hunting Serkan Mert .


    Caprovis Hunt of Serkan Mert

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